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Frequently Asked Questions

About Akira by TELUS Health

Akira’s team of doctors and nurse practitioners can discuss and review medical symptoms and concerns as well as, diagnose and prescribe treatments. If medically appropriate, the clinical services offered through Akira can include:

  • Access to medical professionals anytime/anywhere through either a mobile app (iOS or Android) or computer.
  • Assess patient symptoms
  • Diagnose medical concerns
  • Provide advice on medical concerns
  • Write new prescriptions and renew existing prescriptions
  • Make referrals to specialists and other health care professionals and services
  • Where necessary, help facilitate appropriate in-person care
  • Provide medical documentation, notes and recommendations
There are some medical issues where an in-person consultation is more appropriate. If an Akira doctor or nurse practitioner determines that a treatment is not medically appropriate for a virtual consultation, they will recommend and, whenever possible, help facilitate appropriate in-person care.

Akira by TELUS Health has been offered to plan members by their employer, but use of the virtual healthcare solution is completely voluntary. You can decide to use it or not based on your own circumstances.

When you or your eligible dependent accesses the Akira by TELUS Health service via your app or computer, they will be immediately greeted by a triage nurse who will gather information about their concerns through an in-app text message service. The triage nurse will then pass the plan member to a doctor or nurse practitioner who will provide the necessary care services via video conference.

While wait times to access the health care professional can vary due to the demand, historical wait times are usually less than 2 minutes.

Who Provides Care

Virtual healthcare sessions are usually provided by a provincially certified and licensed Nurse Practitioner. Nurse practitioners can diagnose medical conditions, write prescriptions, order tests and images and refer members to other health care professionals (e.g. a specialist).

In special circumstances, a licensed physician, rather than a nurse practitioner, may be required to order certain types of medical tests, such as MRIs and CAT scans.

Akira uses a “continuity of care” approach, in which, wherever possible, you are returned to the same practitioner for follow-up and subsequent sessions. Each session is followed by a “free” follow-up session, giving you essentially two sessions for the price of one.

Akira’s virtual healthcare team consists of both doctors and nurse practitioners. Many consultations will be with nurse practitioners, who can offer comparable expertise as well as the same regulatory authority to diagnose, prescribe and, in most cases, refer.

All medical consultations, whether done by a nurse practitioner or doctor, are over-seen by Akira’s Medical Director, a doctor who ensures that the quality of treatment and care is consistent regardless of the medical practitioner.

Your Security and Confidentiality

Information provided by employees or eligible dependents is not shared with anyone without the informed, voluntary and written consent of the individual. Unless you tell someone, no one at your workplace will know if you have enrolled in or used virtual healthcare.

Employers never receive identifying information about plan members or eligible dependents who have used the program. Only fully anonymized statistical and aggregate data may be provided.

Akira restricts access to medical information based on circles of care — only the clinical team providing or supporting the patient’s care can access medical records, and all access is logged for auditing. Akira also undergoes auditing by a third party on an ongoing basis.
Akira uses industry-standard encryption technology to ensure that data and consultations are kept secure. As well, Akira’s systems routinely undergo third-party testing to ensure that their security practices are up-to-date and effective.

Who Can Use Akira, and How Much Does It Cost?

Plan members may be required to pay a $10.00 consult fee when accessing the Akira service. Payment is accepted by credit card. The consult fee may be claimed as an HSA-eligible expense.

Plan members residing in provinces where provincial plans cover virtual medical consultations (as of July 1, 2019 this is only British Columbia) will have the consult fee waived.

Akira is available to plan members and their dependents. The definition of dependents is the same as that found in the benefits booklet. Dependents under the age of majority must use the service with the adult plan member present.
You and your dependents can still access Akira if you leave your GroupHEALTH plan, but you may be required to pay Akira’s “public” co-pay amounts rather than the fee that you get as a member of a GroupHEALTH benefit plan.


You and your eligible dependents can access Akira 24 / 7 / 365. There are no restrictions on how many times you or your eligible dependents can access the service. However, depending on the province of residence, a co-pay may be billed for each session.

Akira is available for employees and eligible dependents who are Canadian residents, regardless of their province or territory of residence.

You can access Akira wherever you are, even while you are out of country if your travel is temporary and you are still a resident of Canada. Most of Akira’s medical services are available through a virtual consultation. However, Akira’s Nurse Practitioners may not be able to prescribe medication if you are out of country.
Yes! Akira can deliver a prescription to a central dispensing pharmacy.

About Akira

Akira Health is a leading provider of virtual health solutions with access to a wide range of trained, fully licensed, health care providers. Akira’s cross-Canada clinical team has successfully completed tens of thousands of virtual medical consultations through the app for patients who need medical advice, prescriptions, referrals to specialists and lab work requests. Akira’s health professionals comply with the telemedicine guidelines of their respective professional colleges.
The Akira website and iOS and Android apps are designed to make accessing a medical professional fast, easy and secure. From a simple enrolment process to easy-to-use video conferencing technology, Akira’s technology platform ensures that a medical consultation is as easy as using the most popular features on a phone, tablet or computer. You and your eligible dependents go through a simple enrolment process before you speak to a doctor or nurse practitioner.
Akira is the best source for questions about their service. You should contact Akira directly by visiting Akira at or by email at